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American History Crafts for Kids

American History Kids Crafts

Our American History Crafts include a page for all historical eras, and then are arranged chronologically. Themes span U.S. History from before the 1600's until the 1900's.

Use these projects to make history fun for Kids! And the best part is that most of these are absolutely FREE!

World History Crafts

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star American History: General Topics & Pre-1600's
Topics: Crafts & Projects on Incans, Aztecs, & Mayans,& Explorers

star American History: 1600's
Topics: Crafts & Projects on Native Americans, the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving, the Puritans, Jamestown & Pocahontas

star American History: 1700's
Topics: Crafts & Projects on Colonial Life, Founding Fathers & Government, the Revolutionary War

star American History: 1800's
Topics: Crafts & Projects on the War of 1812, Slavery & Plantations, Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War, Frontier Life, Inventors, the Gold Rush, Westward Expansion, Statue of Liberty

star American History: 1900's
Topics: Crafts & Pronects on World Wars I & II, American Presidents, U.S. Government, Air & Space

star Crafts for All Historical Eras
Topics: General American & World History Crafts & Projects



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