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World History Kids Crafts

World History Kids Crafts

Our World History Crafts for kids are split into several categories: First we have a page for each of the 4 major historical time periods, all arranged in chronological order (or close to it). Within these 4, the Ancient World is split even further because of the large number of great kids' projects there.

After that we have a page for crafts on World Cultures and then on projects that could be adapted to any historical era. Use these hands-on history crafts to make learning fun for kids! And the best part is that most of these are absolutely FREE!

World History Crafts

Choose from the Best World History Crafts & Projects for Kids:

Ancient History Crafts & Projects

Ancient Civilizations Crafts

Topics: Archeology, Prehistorical or Antediluvian Age, Mesopotamia, China, Israel, Greece, & Rome
(Egypt crafts have a separate page. See link below.)

♦   Crafts on Ancient Egypt
Topics: Double Crown of Egypt, King Tut Death Mask, pyramids, sphinx, mummies, Egyptian dress, cartouche, Egyptian jewelry

♦   General Crafts on the Ancient World
Topics: General (or Overlapping) Themes


Middle Ages Crafts & Projects for Kids

Medieval Crafts

Topics: the Celts, Castles & Cathedrals, Knights, Medieval Life, Art & Religion, Robin Hood, the Vikings, the Normans & the Battle of Hastings


Crafts for the Discovery Age

The Age of Discovery Crafts

Topics: Activities on England, Explorers, India & the Taj Mahal, Japan, Pirates, Wars, Renaissance & Reformation, William Shakespeare

Crafts on Modern History

Crafts on The Present Era

Topics: Activities on the French Revolution, Napoleon, Russia, Charles Lindburgh, World Wars I & II


History Crafts for all Eras

History Crafts for all Eras

These can be adapted for any History theme!


Crafts on World Cultures

Crafts on World Cultures

Topics: Africa, China, India, Israel, Japan

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