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History Games & Activities Spans All Eras**
Geography Games & Activities***

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History Games & Activities — Spans All Eras**

** Go to the American History Games or World History Games for activities based on a specific time period!

History Mystery lets kids solve a mystery with a few clues. You choose your topic/time period!

Kids Past helps kids review history with online games, and they are not just interactive quizzes!

Choose between 6 different games with a variety of historical themes by the McCord Museum.

Guess which Monarch or Leader when you see their rooms. Spans the ages, but since this game is from BBC, most are European.

History Channel's Lost Worlds Game
The History Channel's Lost Worlds is a computer game that lets you piece together some of the greatest ruins on earth and unlock some of the greatest mysteries of the world!

School History has lots of games to choose from, and lots of people contributing more all the time!

This game is for the older student! Use the Leadership Profile to find out Which Historical Military Leader You Are Most Like .

The US government moderates the site FedFlix, which has FREE history movies from the US government to use as you like without any restrictions!

Print out these fabulous Notebook Covers to decorate the front of your binder! Four different time periods, based on Susan Wise Bauer's The Story of the World series.

History on the Net contains a wealth of resources and activities.

Many history topics and good ideas from Mr. Donn's Pages. has a great selection of historical biographies to watch from A&E. They also offer accompanying resources for the classroom.

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Geography Games & Activities***

*** Click here to find Printable Maps! has lots and lots of Map Games to play online!

Growth of a Nation is an online video that explains how the United States grew from 13 colonies to its current 50 states.

Play online games for World Geography, physical geography, and world regions.

Learn European Geography with this Lufthansa Airplane game!

Choose from 3 levels to play Place the State to learn U.S. geography!

Don't miss National Geographic's Geography Games with a variety of topics!


** Click here to find Printable Maps!

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