This website was originally founded solely as a list of kids history books so that parents and educators could find great reading choices for their kids. All the crafts and other extras on the site have been added along the way to complement your reading.

But the focus here has always been kids history books! Reading introduces kids to people, places, and ideas that broaden their horizons without ever having to go anywhere. You can find our many lists of kids history books by clicking one of the following bars below:

American History Reading List

We love books! But not just any book will do. Your time is limited and your kids’ time is limited. We want you to find the BEST kids history books. Ones that will encourage, inspire, and teach. Ones that fit your goals and appeal to your students.

Pretty lofty ideals here.

So what does it take for a book to be included at Read below to find out what books are chosen for the History Reading List, what our reading recommendations include, and how the grade levels are broken down.

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What Books? Grade Levels
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How to get your book reviewed
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What Books?

A Book In Time lists books for kids & teens that will enhance the understanding of important eras, people, and events in a typical study of history, and can do so in an engaging and entertaining way.

Content that is realistic to the time period and that promotes positive life principles are also determining factors. Book choices are made at the discretion of A Book In Time.

For Authors — How to Get Your Book Reviewed

If you are an author of a history book for kids, either fiction or nonfiction, and would like to have your own children’s history book reviewed, please mail a copy to A Book In Time at P.O. Box 324, Earlysville, VA 22936. You can also email us any digital/PDF editions. All items sent in will be read!

Please be aware that books received by A Book In Time will be considered gifts and will not be returned. Titles that meet our purposes and objectives will be added to the website, and we may feature some of these titles in our newsletter. However, we reserve the right to not include any book on this website at our own discretion and without giving a reason.


The book review below the title gives a brief synopsis of its content, and can include comments on what is good and what is not-so-good about the book, noting possible objectionable elements. Keep in mind that all the history book reviews are strictly the personal opinions of the reviewer. Titles listed without comments have been recommended by respected sources, but have not yet been reviewed here.

Grade Levels

Reading Grade Levels

For read-alouds, choose from the next grade level, i.e. E students can enjoy most UE books if read aloud to them. Be sure to note any cautions, particularly in JH and HS books, since some content is not suitable for younger children.

Because of the incredible value in many of the lower age-group books, we recommend that many of them not be limited to the younger child. These easy-to-read books allow the older student to gain a greater perspective of a particular historical theme in a short period of time, with minimal effort and a lot of fun!

Our Affiliates

In order for you to see pictures, further descriptions, and/or related information, most of the books & resources listed on this site are linked to an affiliate, such as Amazon or CBD. Please be advised that if you click on the link & purchase the item, this website will receive an affiliate commission. Rest assured that we only recommend products that we believe will benefit our readers.

Chronological Order

Some books’ content spans many years, making it difficult to place it in any particular time slot. These books are placed at the point of earliest significant achievement at the discretion of A Book In Time.

Every effort has been made to be as accurate as possible in these listings.
All information is deemed accurate, but is not guaranteed.

Reading Grade Levels

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Reading Grade Levels

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