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World History Reading ListWorld History Reading List

Scroll down to find the World History Reading List of the best books for kids & teens based on important people and events in a typical social studies curriculum. The book list includes both fiction & nonfiction and is organized chronologically.

World History books are divided into 5 sections, arranged chronologically. Each title has a short review and is linked to one of our affiliates so you can see pictures, further description, & more.

American History Booklist

Would you rather watch history stories, rather than read about them? Check out this site that catalogs history in the movies. Please use common-sense discretion, as you would with any movie, when selecting one for children.

Best Books for Kids on World History:

Ancient History Reading List

Books on The Ancient World

Pre-History to AD 400
Reading recommendations include
the cultures of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, & Rome


Middle Ages Reading List

Books on The Middle Ages

AD 400 – AD 1400
Reading recommendations include
medieval life, Robin Hood, the British monarchy, the Crusades


History Reading List-pirates, Shakespeare, plague, etc.

Books on The Age of Discovery

AD 1400 - AD 1700
Reading recommendations include
pirates, Joan of Arc, da Vinci, Shakespeare, the Black Plague

Reading List on Victorian England, Immigration, Inventors, more

Books on The Present Era

AD 1700 - AD 2000
Reading recommendations include
musicians, the French Revolution, Victorian England, European Immigration to America, Inventors, Wars


Reading List for World War I & World War II

Books on World Wars I & II

Reading recommendations include
Sergeant York, Dunkirk, the Holocaust, the bombing of Hiroshima

Suggested Reading Levels

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